The Chains of Men.

The fearsome swordsman once known as the demon “Shiroyasha”, who fought amongst his comrades in the war against the Amanto. Gintoki’s (known) past and the beliefs which stem from them in his current status.

  • The White Demon
    Fitting together the puzzle pieces of Gintoki's mysterious past.
  • Sensei
    More on Gintoki and his relationship with Shouyou-sensei.
  • Hello My Treacherous Friends
    The Joui 4: Gintoki, Takasugi, Katsura and Sakamoto.
  • Bokuto
    Parfaits and chocolates always soften up those angry, blood-thirsty war veterans.
  • Watchdog
    Seriously, don't fuck with Otose when the white demon's around.