Things Like Character Polls Should Fuck Off.

Fans infected with Ginfluenza: unite under the approved fanlisting for the world's most beloved curly-haired samurai! By the way, this fanlisting's being kept up to date. By standards, this means that this fanlisting is by no means up for grabs! So get your grubby paws off your computer screen and stop stalking my KIM list!

  • What's a fanlisting?
    A little background on fanlistings and those things called rules.
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    50x50, 100x50, 1024x768... wait, what do you mean that's wallpaper sized?
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    Oi, put your name on this list so we can have more fans than Hijikata.
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    Because we really need to know that you changed your e-mail address and all.
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  • Listed Gintoki Fans
    Can you believe all the people on this list have most likely suffered through 300+ chapters of Gintama?