Seriously, Gintoki? Seriously?

Ahh, so this section is pretty common on fansites/shrines/tributes/whatever you want to call them, right? Let's get to it then. You probably want to know why I bothered wasting away hours of my life typing at a billion WPM about some sugar-addicted, nose picking samurai, right? Here you go.

First off, I want to start by saying I don't know how I didn't gain a billion pounds working on this fansite, because I always felt like I needed inspiration high in sugar in order to be able to sit and munch while writing all of this. Let me just say now that this site is partially the product of chocolate chip cookies, candy, mini donuts, milkshakes, in desperate measures, sugar packets and other things, which may explain a lot about its content. The rest of its crudeness is just me being me, I can't apologize for my terrible personality unfortunately, blame my parents or something.

My infatuation with Gintoki and Sorachi's off-the-wall manga all started years ago. There was a copy of the first volume of Gintama lying on the coffee table at my house, and admittedly the first thing that drew me to it was Gintoki's character jumping on the front cover of the manga. (Ahh, I remember that cover like it was yester--oh, there it is on the left.) Generally I'm pretty much a substance over appearances kind of girl, but in all honesty I picked up Gintama with completely shallow intentions: I thought Gintoki's hair and derpy dead-fish-eyed face was incredibly adorable. (You can imagine my dismay when his lazy eyes and natural perm were a running joke within the first 6 chapters of the story.) Upon reading the manga however, I fell in love with it almost immediately. Gintama is honestly unlike anything I've ever read before. It spends more time making fun of everything (including itself) as opposed to staging 200-long chapters of epic battles and useless filler. And despite the fact that it seems to be lacking entirely in plot, it has so much substance in the way that Sorachi depicts "life lessons" through Gintoki and his pals, that to this day I still find it almost ludicrous there are times that I'm getting teary-eyed over a comedic gag manga. And by saying that, I mean both because I'm laughing myself to tears and/or touched at the depth and humanity of some of the characters.

That being said, I love Gintoki because he's such an antihero. He's both disgustingly lazy and amazingly driven at the same time, and even though he comes off as selfish and arrogant, he's probably one of the most selfless characters in the series. In the end, Gintoki is just doing things the way he wants to do them, regardless of what anyone else may think or what any laws may say. I guess aside from that, I can't think of a character whose reactions and deadpan lines make me laugh harder than Gintoki does. Situations in Gintama are so over the top that you think they couldn't possibly happen in real life--but because they're so ridiculous, it almost is relatable to real life. There are days where everything is a mess, and everyone around you is nuts, and shit won't stop hitting the fan. But at the end of the day, you realize there are things you can learn from those messes, those insane people are people that you love, and the shit on the fan is there to stay, but it's not something you can't clean up with the help of your friends. To me, that's what Gintama and Gintoki are all about.

So yeah, Mind your sugar levels.

This site started as Gintoki's approved fanlisting (one of the few fanlistings I own that I'm quite literally eternally grateful for--thank you!), but then grew into this monster of a fansite a year later. I think it was probably always inevitable, but I wanted to get a few other fansites under my belt so I'd have a better idea of how to approach the character who I really wanted to do my best for, which was Gin-san. I started working on it around mid April 2011, and it was opened on October 10th, 2011 (Gintoki's birthday, jsyk!). That being said, it's kind of sad I don't have much to show for it, BUT I DIGRESS. I think I was probably always secretly writing this fansite in my mind, and when I finally decided to do it it just exploded in Coda, Which it was coded in by the way, free of Jquery menus and Fancybox and all that trendy bullshit. It also helps that I'm crazy about Gintoki, like seriously, I could probably be a real life Sa-chan. That would totally be me on the right if I had that Gintoki bedsheet.

Arigatou, soshite, arigat--wait.

Sometimes people accidentally vote for Gintoki, in Shounen Jump character popularity polls, "which anime character do you want to be your groom?" polls, online shrine pageants. No seriously though, thank you from the bottom of my heart for anyone who nominated and/or voted for Gintoki! It's truly an honor for such a shitty young shrine to win any kind of award. Mind Your Sugar Levels was nominated for Favorite Anime Character, Essays, Originality and Layout, and awarded Favorite for Originality and Best Overall in the 2012 Fansite Pageant!
My deepest apologies for this... no really.