I guess we owe some people thanks.

Since Gintama has a billion chapters and episodes, all of which I've read over a span of a couple years, it's pretty much impossible for me to remember everything without referencing some sources. These are the people and places I need to give credit to for the help with making this site, whether they know it or not!

  • Maximum 7, Bomber D Rufi
    For the manga translations where Viz falls short--thanks a lot for canceling your localization, Viz!
  • Crunchy Roll
    For translations (and sometimes screencaps lol) for the Gintama anime. Watch Gintama here (legally)! Never mind that this site totally started as illegal as illegal can get!
  • Gintama Wiki
    An excellent source to any other shrine makers interested in shrining Gintama without re-reading the whole damn manga.
  • Gargantuan Gintama Encyclopedia
    Another Gintama wiki, how many of these exist?!
  • Yorozuya Soul
    An informational Gintama fansite with lots of handy information--like manga chapter to anime episode mapping!
  • This thread at ◯◯◯Scans
  • I ◯◯◯◯loaded my ◯◯◯ scans here for imagery on this site. But don't tell anyone okay? Or there really won't be any places left to find ◯◯◯ scans anymore.