nobody with natural wavy hair can be that bad.

You've somehow managed to crash land at a small space on the internet devoted (and approved!) to some loud, nose-picking, naturally permed sugar addict who can't pay his rent yet still manages to land #1 on a ton of character rankings: Sakata Gintoki of Gintama. If by chance you're here on purpose, feel free to browse the content to your right and enjoy! If you got here by pure accident... that's really unfortunate luck on your part, isn't it?

Mind Your Sugar Levels! uses both the manga and anime adaptations of Gintama as it's focus, and will contain several unmarked spoilers for the series--if spoiling this series that barely has a plot is even possible. Don't say I didn't warn you!

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What on earth did you do to the Gintoki fanlisting and why did it become a fansite?! More information on the ridiculous change that happened here and a kind-of-sort-of introduction to this site, as well as the ridiculous animanga that is Gintama.
A crash course on Sakata Gintoki, otherwise known as “Odd Jobs Gin” and the lead role he plays in the series. Everything from his natural perm to his love of parfaits, and who and what make him the lazy jack of all trades that he is.
Throughout the series Gintoki runs a number of odd jobs--a few of those here, detailing the characters he meets and the values and lessons in life that Sorachi attempts to preach through Gintoki’s character and interactions with others.
The fearsome swordsman once known as the demon “Shiroyasha”, who fought amongst his comrades in the war against the Amanto. Gintoki’s (known) past and the beliefs which stem from them in his current status.
Fans infected with Ginfluenza: unite under the approved fanlisting for the world’s most beloved curly-haired samurai! By the way, this fanlisting is up to date. By standards, this means that this fanlisting is by no means up for grabs!
For anyone who wants a little more background information on this retarded space of the internet, or is perhaps even worse--interested in linking back to it. On the other hand, if you just want to get out of here and onto less impressive places of the web, you can do that here too...